Jenna Pace - YOBRO Creative Director

Jenna Pace - YOBRO Creative Director


We are idea generators and visual storytellers fueled by curiosity and collaboration. We aim to entertain and move people with our work. We search for both truth and beauty in every shot.


Our clients love to ask about the meaning behind the name YOBRO. It’s more than just a fun way to greet people, it represents the geographical path of Jenna Pace. Born and raised in YOungstown, Ohio, Jenna currently lives and works in BROoklyn, New York. Thus, YOBRO came to be.


Photography. Cinematography. Full Service Pre & Post Production.


Jenna Pace - Creative Director/Cinematographer/Photographer

Scott Terry - Creative Consultant/Producer

Scott Price, Khaled Tabbara, Katie Ann Timko & David Bronson - Producer/Cinematographer/Editor

Tommaso Antico - Art Director/Stylist